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Our Programs

Body Transformation Program

We understand everyone’s health journey is different and a cookie cutter program won’t work for everyone. 
Eat the foods you enjoy and still hit your goals. We can show you how.
➡️ We are all unique individuals with different goals and needs.
We will design a program that will work for you to be successful.
✅ Private Coach, support throughout the program.
✅ Unlimited classes, Kickboxing, Boot Camp, Cycling. 
✅ Semiprivate Weight Training, improve your strength and build muscle. 
✅ Custom Nutrition, based on your likes and dislikes.
✅ Weekly goal setting, tracking with your coach to avoid plateaus. 
✅ Biweekly Body Composition, measurements and weigh-in to keep the momentum.
✅ Weekly movement plan, to keep your metabolism burning. 
✅  Homework, designed for you to keep you accountable. Steps, food, pics, activities ect. 
✅ Coach pro tips. Meal plans, at home workouts, eating out, traveling, meal prep and more.

Nutrition Guidance

Meet with our Nutrition counselor Nichole. She will show you how to make small changes with big results without giving up all the good stuff. Sign up online for a consultation.

Cryo Slimming

What is Cryo Skin?

 it is a non-invasive cosmetic service that utilizes heat and cold temperatures to slim, tone, and lift the areas of your choice. Those hard spots that diet and exercise just are not getting.

The Science 

Cryo skin services utilize heat and cold temperatures to the face and/or body to stimulate and facilitate natural body processes which promote a slimmer, more toned appearance. 

Semi-private Training

Small group training twice a week or three times a week focused on pushing your limits with weights and body weight in a methodical way to maximize your results whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or both. Nutrition guidance, and most of all, accountability. 

Sign up for a Free Consultation.

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness is simple, and it doesn’t cost your company anything at all. Offer your employees health and wellness at a discount price at no cost to the company. Call to register your company and keep your employees healthy and happy.