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Challenging Cycle classes for all levels of fitness. Each instructor will take you on a ride of high energy, to the sounds of beats that will help you move in ways you didn’t know you could all while adding strength and burning fat. Tracking your progress is easy as the Keiser bikes monitors will display RPM’s, Miles, WATTS, time and calories burned. You might want to bring a small towel and an extra shirt. Get ready to sweat like crazy!! If you are a beginner do not be intimidated you are on your bike with a computer attached only you can see what you are doing. We will push you but you have to listen to your body if you have to sit or slow down that is ok. Advanced members this will not be a stroll in the park you will be motivated to push yourself to the next level.

Class Descriptions

Hills and Drills
Join us for a thrill ride of interval training at its best. Climb, run, flat road and up hill. All levels.

Party Ride
Tick Tock we don’t stop. Party continues in this exhilarating fun ride where anything goes. All levels

Road Rage
We all have those days. This ride will take you on a ride where you can leave it all behind in a puddle of sweat. All levels.

Cycle Power
Joy ride filled with intense cardio and upper body toning. All levels.

Cycle Express
Kicking it up a notch for those that are short on time. Join us for a 30-minute express workout, we push go from the get. All levels.


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Contact us at [email protected] and let us know. Your voice is important to us please feel free to call (248) 270-5676 with any further questions.

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