6 Degree Burn Fitness Studios

Kickboxing, Indoor Cycling, Boot Camp

How to get started: You can sign up for a FREE class on the Purchase/Schedule page. The system will ask you to create a profile based on your email. The system will also ask you to put in your credit card information this is due to our 8 hour cancellation policy. We are guaranteeing you a spot in class and some of our classes are full with a wait list. The policy is to stop some bad apples from signing up for class and not showing up when we have members waiting to get in. Please see cancellation policy below. You must opt into the emails or text  messages or the system will not send you confirmation emails or texts for classes, cancellations, and  if you are added to class from a wait list. All first time member offers, must be redeemed on your first visit.  

We guarantee your spot in class. Once you make a reservation for class you are guaranteed a spot in class. We do not share bags or jam as many people as possible into a class. We do limit the number of people in class to prevent from overcrowding. Our goal is to give you an amazing experience. This also allows you to go at your own pace no matter what level you are at.

Cancellation for class policy: You must cancel 8 hours prior to class start time or there may be a $15. late cancellation penalty/no show fee charged to your account. If you have a class package, example 5, 10 or 15 classes you will lose one class in addition to being charged. We understand sometimes life gets in the way. If there is a situation beyond your control, please cancel out of class as soon as possible then call Cancellation number only at 248-457-0055 to let us know about your situation and we will not charge you. NO other form of communication will be accepted. Please note If you are on a wait list you are telling the system you are available at this time if you wait for the system to add you to class and reply no later than 8 hours the 8 hour cancellation will apply. 

Membership early termination FEE: You are awarded a discount for your commitment once you break that commitment the discount no longer applies. You must give a written 30 day notice to 6 Degree Burn Fitness Studios Inc. at 1825 Brinston Dr. Suite A., Troy, MI 48083. No other form of communication will be accepted.  If you are not paying the standard rate and early cancel your membership there will be an added penalty fee of the difference of the standard rate and the current rate you are paying. Example, the standard rate is $120. minus what you pay ______ = ________ x the number of months you were ate the studio plus the 30 days =_______.