6 Degree Burn Fitness Studios

Kickboxing, Indoor Cycling, Fitness Classes

First class is FREE for Michigan residents only!

Note:  All first time member in house and outside Promotional offers must be redeemed on your first visit to be considered a first time member offer. 

Class Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation policy is  8 hours prior to class  start time. Please sign out of class as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. We understand an emergency may occur if this is the case please call the CANCELLATION ONLY NUMBER AT 248-457-0055 and let us know your emergency situation and we will make sure you are not penalized a $15. late cancel or no show fee. 

Urgent! Urgent! Email options: If you do not opt into our emails or text messages you will not receive NOTIFICATIONS from the system that you have been added from a wait list or other important confirmations. If you opt out of the emails this does not excuse your absents from a class. You will be charged a no show or late cancellation fee of $15.