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About Us

What Makes 6 Degree Burn Fitness Studios Different?


6 Degree Burn is not a Franchise. It is locally owned. Designed for those of us who want to be inspired, pushed, or just starting out and need modifications.

Each work out is customized by our Trainers. No workout is the same. You will never get bored or stagnant in your fitness journey. You can mix it up with our Boot Camp, Kickboxing, and Cycling without paying for three different memberships.

Once you join you will not only be welcomed by the owner but by all of our Fitness Family members. This is the kind of place you find new friends, motivation and inspiration. 

​Michelle Gomez

Owner, Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Michelle opened 6 Degree Burn Fitness Studios in 2013. She started as an Instructor in Cardio Kickboxing, Step and Cycling. 

Over the years she always had a corporate job and she soon decided she was the happiest helping clients  create a healthier lifestyle. That’s when she decided to Open 6 Degree Burn Fitness Studios. 

With over 20 years of experience in the Fitness Industry she has helped hundreds of clients meet their fitness goals without starvation diets or mundane workouts. Her compassion, positive attitude and high energy are a great combination for success with her clients.

Meet Our Instructors

Reu Buhat Guerrero

Yaw-yan Martial Arts Instructor

Kickboxing extraordinaire, with over 20 years of experience in his homeland traditional art of Yaw Yan.

Kristen LeClerk


A triple threat in Kickboxing, Cycling, Boot Camp. She is sugar and spice and will kick your butt thrice.

Larry Costa


General nice guy but a bad ass. His Boot Camp classes will make you fall in love with strength training.

Brooke Stemas


Pregnant and out of commission but when she comes back, she’ll be on a mission.

George Baran


George will not only challenge you to be better and stronger but is also our senior specialist.

Matt Munson


Matt is a man who loves his bells, Kettlebells that is. His Boot Camp classes combine strength, agility and mobility.

Michelle Wolf Schmidt


Michelle started out as a dancer and teacher that led her natural transition into teaching fitness classes. She just had a baby but will be back with her high energy.

Nichole Swiben


Her love of good food and a passion for being healthy has taken her on a journey to another career in Nutrition. Nichole believes in eating for a healthy happy existence without cutting all the good stuff.

Lindsey Potterack


School teacher by day Cycle demon by night. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you.